Benefits Management


IPS Payroll & Tax Software

In the world of payroll processing, there is a necessary flow of information on taxation, benefits, deductions, garnishments, tips and direct deposits. In addition, time and attendance records may accumulate at various sites, pay types and rates.

With IPS 360° Payroll, all of this information feeds automatically to payroll from points of origination. Employees off-site can use Internet-based screens for entering time and attendance data. One of the key design focuses of the IPS Online management solution was to automate labor-intensive payroll processes.


Human Resources Capital Management

Every day an increasing number of employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. With fewer staff available to perform a broader range of tasks, you need a solution that lessens processing time and simplifies managing key information. IPS 360° HRMS provides online access to employees and integrates with third-party providers/regulatory bodies, which streamlines the entire process. And the seamless integration between benefits and payroll can exponentially increase productivity.


IPS Benefits Management

Electronic Enrollment, Carrier Integration and Invoice Reconciliation – It works!
IPS 360° Benefits Management is an integrated end-to-end solution unlike any other. Administrator can assign benefits elections or employees can self-elect. Benefit elections drive accurate employee deductions in payroll. All benefit assignments are seamlessly passed to your carrier to eliminate your need to update multiple disparate insurance company web sites. Yes…it really can be this easy!

Time & Attendance Management

In the world of time tracking seldom does one find a solution capable of managing the most intricate of work rules without overwhelming complexity. Whether your business has sophisticated work rules including multiple shifts, schedules, job costing and pay rates or just basic requirements, you will find yourself amazed by how simple this automated time and attendance system can be.


What if you could produce a single report containing information from any part of your IPS 360° module? You can! Many systems require reporting to a specific system module. Not IPS 360°

Our clients consistently tell us reporting has never been easier. Begin with a pre-defined report and then customize many different views of this report containing different information, time frames, groupings, etc.

IPS Benefits Management Key features

Benefits Configuration
  • Defined Benefits Eligibility
  • Custom pricing calculations
  • Benefits Drive Payroll Deductions
  • Integrated Benefit Statement
  • Assign dependents/beneficiaries to elections
  • Run census reporting on demand
Electronic Enrollment
  • Available Benefit Plans Overview
  • New Hire, Open Enrollment and Event-based enrollments
  • Manager/Administrator Workflow
  • E-mail reminders and notifications
  • Intuitive step-by-step process
  • Load custom documents & web links to carriers
Benefit Carrier Connections
  • No redundant keying of data into multiple carrier websites
  • Eliminate election/deduction discrepancies between your HR/Payroll system and your insurance carriers
  • Employee & dependent benefit elections flow directly to the carriers
  • All demographic changes updated through elections file
  • Auto-notification of file transmission issues
  • Custom file transmission frequencies available
Benefit Statements
  • Graphical representation of an employee’s total compensation
  • Available on-demand and updated in real time via employee self-service
  • Show some or all of the employer costs of payroll taxes and benefits
  • Available to download by employee into a .pdf file
  • Administrators can download all statements as a batch and print/hand out
Affordable Care Act
  • Employee ACA timeline showing 3 months at a time
  • Define all ACA rules to ensure clients have the tools to remain in compliance
  • Auto-calculate employee status based on status rules (i.e. hours in a month)
  • Management dashboards to assist in controlling hours worked to remain under hours thresholds
  • E-mail notifications to alert when key events are triggered
COBRA Administration
  • We do the heavy lifting and provide employees and their spouse or dependents with access to group benefits coverage when a COBRA qualifying event is experienced.
  • New Hires, Life Change events, Benefit updates are monitored in real-time – no need to communicate this information to anyone
  • Developing, customizing, printing, and mailing COBRA templates is a thing of the past
  • It's not just easy for you, it's easy for COBRA qualified beneficiaries.  Once someone becomes eligible, they can easily enroll, make payments, cancel coverage at any time, and participate in the company's open enrollment too.
  • With reporting that provides you with insight into the COBRA administration we're doing behind the scenes, you're simply in compliance... and it's all fully audited, so you can prove you're complying.
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