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In the world of payroll processing, there is a necessary flow of information on taxation, benefits, deductions, garnishments, tips and direct deposits. In addition, time and attendance records may accumulate at various sites, pay types and rates.

With IPS 360° Payroll, all of this information feeds automatically to payroll from points of origination. Employees off-site can use Internet-based screens for entering time and attendance data. One of the key design focuses of the IPS Online management solution was to automate labor-intensive payroll processes.By automating the wave of information in and out of payroll, IPS 360° Payroll greatly simplifies an increasingly complicated task, while still protecting sensitive payroll data.


Human Resources Capital Management

Every day an increasing number of employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. With fewer staff available to perform a broader range of tasks, you need a solution that lessens processing time and simplifies managing key information. IPS 360° HRMS provides online access to employees and integrates with third-party providers/regulatory bodies, which streamlines the entire process. And the seamless integration between benefits and payroll can exponentially increase productivity.

Payroll processing that makes the complex simple

— Reduce processing time and costs with dependable results, every time

IPS 360° is a cloud-based all-encompassing workforce tool, which continuously processes payroll in real time. Payroll is ready at a click of a button. The payroll processing is completely automated and streamlined, which reduces errors and eases administrative burdens.

IPS 360° provides immediate gross to net processing without any delays or the need to approve a payroll preview. “Error Free” payrolls are consistently delivered due to the ability to check the accuracy of the register, and then approving the payroll for processing. This process can be repeated until the payroll is officially approved.

The IPS 360° pay rules engine is so versatile, it can support any number of scenarios — shift differentials, order of importance, location, and more — to accommodate any business requirement. It gives greater control over payroll processes and eliminates guesswork for accurate payrolls — every time. IPS 360° easily demonstrates to both regulators and employees that every policy is being enforced fairly, which minimizes compliant risk.

Robust Reporting

— Get the information and insight you need — when and how you need it

IPS’s real-time reporting empowers managers to always know what employees are doing.

IPS 360° has been developed to be both easy to use and intuitive for a range of scenarios. The easy to build and easy export report writer can create reports for a specific department or manager. This report can be saved and automatically created whenever payroll is run. Reports have a wide range of export options, including PDF, Excel, CSV, ASCII, XML, and HTM files.

Saved and auto-generated reports can also be set to automatically email to whoever might need the data.

Accruals – Feature Overview Reporting

— Comprehensive leave of absence management capabilities — keep it fair & consistent

Employee absences — whether planned or unplanned — can have a big impact on company productivity. IPS 360° helps control and mitigates the effects of absenteeism — before they impact organizational performance. IPS 360° automatically calculates accrual balances so managers have immediate visibility into current status.

IPS payroll Key features

Core Payroll Processing
  • Calculations As You Go
  • Correction Delta process easily recalculates payroll variances
  • Custom Batch Payroll Entry Screen
  • Direct Deposits
  • Instant Gross to Net
  • You print or We print – it’s your choice
  • Payroll Alerts
  • Payroll Batches by Pay Frequency
  • Real Time Payroll Processing
  • Advanced labor distribution & job costing
  • Free 100% paperless solution
  • Apply date-activated payroll alerts with mandatory approval
  • View variance(s) from previous payrolls
  • Paperless Paystub And W-2 Posting
  • Scheduled e-mailing of standard/custom reports
General Ledger Integration
  • Custom GL formats based on transaction type
  • GL account numbers assigned to every element of a pay statement
  • GL export configured based on accounting software specifications
  • Exports available to .csv, .xls, .txt, .xml and QuickBooks .iif formats
  • View GL transactions in detail or summary formats
  • Immediately upon finalization of payroll your general ledger file is available for download
Tax & Year-end Processing
  • Geospatial tax engine locates and suggests proper tax jurisdictions based upon the company’s location and employee’s home address
  • Automated Reciprocity Tax Withholding
  • Prepare and file Federal 941/940 quarterly/annual returns with the IRS
  • Prepare state unemployment tax returns and file with the appropriate state agencies
  • Prepare and file state and local withholding tax returns
  • Prepare all W-2s and file with the Social Security Administration
  • Prepare and file state and local annual tax reconciliation
  • Generate quarterly and year-end reporting
401k Reporting
  • Designed to meet your 401k providers contribution and/or census reporting requirements
  • 401k file export is configured to the specifications provided
  • Transmission method for sending this information to your 401k provider is determined
  • Immediately upon finalization of payroll your 401k file is available
  • Change History Reporting
  • Consolidated Reporting Across Tax IDs
  • Cross Year Reporting
  • Date Driven Reporting Across All Years
  • Excel Native Reports
  • Integrated Report Writer Reports sent by e-mail
  • Standard report library
  • Workers Compensation
  • Automated Event Notifications
  • Automatic Third Party Notifications
  • Configurable HRIS with custom content
  • Single Database for Payroll, HR, Time and Attendance & ESS
  • Third Party Software Interfaces
  • Unlimited Data Storage
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