Time & Attendance


IPS Payroll & Tax Software

In the world of payroll processing, there is a necessary flow of information on taxation, benefits, deductions, garnishments, tips and direct deposits. In addition, time and attendance records may accumulate at various sites, pay types and rates.

With IPS 360° Payroll, all of this information feeds automatically to payroll from points of origination. Employees off-site can use Internet-based screens for entering time and attendance data. One of the key design focuses of the IPS Online management solution was to automate labor-intensive payroll processes.


Human Resources Capital Management

Every day an increasing number of employees begin working off-site, regulatory issues become increasingly complex, and benefits packages change. With fewer staff available to perform a broader range of tasks, you need a solution that lessens processing time and simplifies managing key information. IPS 360° HRMS provides online access to employees and integrates with third-party providers/regulatory bodies, which streamlines the entire process. And the seamless integration between benefits and payroll can exponentially increase productivity.


IPS Time & Attendance Management

In the world of time tracking seldom does one find a solution capable of managing the most intricate of work rules without overwhelming complexity. Whether your business has sophisticated work rules including multiple shifts, schedules, job costing and pay rates or just basic requirements, you will find yourself amazed by how simple this automated time and attendance system can be.

Timesheet Workflow

IPS Time & Attendance Key features

Labor Management
  • Manager-Self Service
  • Employee-Self Service
  • Time sheet approval workflow
  • Mass edit capabilities
  • Import/export utility
  • Document storage (receipts, company handbook, etc.)
  • Automated Points Tracking (attendance trends)
  • Temporary manager (back-up) assignment
  • Itemized expense tracking
Time Off Accruals
  • Track eligibility, tenure, hours worked
  • ESS Time-off request tool
  • MSS Approval workflow
  • Daily, weekly or configurable recurring patterns
  • On-the-fly entries/edits for day-to-day changes
  • Visibility from employee time sheet
  • Assign employees to schedules, or schedules to employees
  • Assign two schedules per employee per day
  • View schedule, location, department, job, etc.
  • Workday Breakdown enables “assumed job costing”
Pay Rules
  • Location
  • Cost center (9 cost centers, up to 10 levels each)
  • Shift differentials
  • Pay rule priority
  • Auto-populated holidays
  • Multiple pay periods (weekly, monthly, etc.)
  • Time zones
  • Non-standard pay periods
  • Auto deductions (breaks, meals)
  • Paid meals
  • Flat pay
  • Extra Time and Guaranteed Minimum Time
  • Grace and rounding
  • Holiday pay
  • Overtime
Rate Tracking
  • Job costing
  • Pay categories (i.e. direct, indirect)
  • Multipliers, special rates
  • Effective dating
  • Piece Rate quantity tracking (units, miles, etc.)
  • Pay rate per piece/piece rate requirements
  • Over 50+ Built-in, Standard reports
  • Create custom/ad hoc reports
  • Export to 5 Formats (CSV, Excel, PDF, HTML, XML)
  • Daily Email Summary Report
  • Report Saving & Sharing with Quick Link access
  • In/Out Dot Board
  • Exception reporting
  • Time off calendar
  • Dynamic, Drill-down capabilities
  • Security profile settings for defining access
Mobile App
  • Time sheet
  • Accruals
  • Schedule
  • Time off request
  • Time off calendar
  • Punch in/out
  • GPS Punch tracking
  • Job/cost center transfer
  • Report access
  • iPhone or Android
Data Collection
  • Ethernet Based Clocks
  • Mag-stripe, Proximity & Barcode Badges
  • Biometric verification fingerprint/hand reader
  • Remote hardware management
  • Remote punch via mobile app
  • Permanent, detailed audit trail
  • IP Address and/or punch restriction
  • Application Manager/User access profiles
  • RSA login authentication
  • User/manager configurable user interface
e-mail Notifications (alerts, reminders, etc.)
  • Standard time off request, rejection and approval
  • Standard time sheet request, rejection and approval
  • Beginning and end of period manager/employee notifications
  • Accrual balance notifications
  • Exception notifications
  • Point notifications
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